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We offer the highest quality microfibres at the lowest prices in the market.

About Us

The origins of our operation in Poland date back to the early nineties.

For a few years we have been specialising in the manufacture and distribution of the highest quality eco-friendly cleaning products made of microfibre.

Our wide range of microfibre products will satisfy even the choosiest customers.

We target our products to

  • professional cleaning service companies
  • car washes
  • direct sales companies
  • wholesalers and large retailers
  • hospitals, kindergartens, schools, pubicinstitutions etc.

We are interested in establishing cooperation with large customers, both domestic and foreign ones.


Microfibre fabrics are used by more and more households, but not only. It has no problem removing even the most stubborn dirt.

Microfibre is 100 times thinner than the human hair. Applied to damp surfaces, it can absorb seven times more water than it weighs.

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