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We offer the highest quality microfibres at the lowest prices in the market.


Microfibre fabrics are used by more and more households, but not only. Thanks to their unique properties, microfibres work perfectly well where traditional cleaning products fail.

Microfibre is 100 times thinner than the human hair. Applied to damp surfaces, it can absorb seven times more water than it weighs. It has no problem removing even the most stubborn dirt.

Microfibres work like magic on surfaces where irritating detergents cannot be used. In allergic people's homes, on very delicate surfaces. All you need to clean things with microfibres is water.

They can be used to clean all types of flat surfaces: wood, ceramics, glass, metal etc. They leave no streaks or water marks.

The fibres we make will meet the requirements of even the choosiest customers. With a wide range of fabric thicknesses and weave designs, they are unequalled in the European market.

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